Gift Box Packaging Should Pay Attention To Color Matching

Date:Aug 13, 2018

Nowadays, there are many kinds of gift boxes. Many people want gift boxes with good quality and beautiful boxes. Nowadays, most gift box packagings pay more attention to color matching, which is not only high-grade but also artistic.

Maybe everyone has a certain understanding of the gift box knowledge. Now let me introduce how to color match it, hope to let everyone know more about the gift box culture.

In the same package, when there are multiple colors, you need to coordinate the color well. This is very worthwhile to study. If it is not properly matched, it is easy for people to see the hateful heart, and will not choose to buy and use.


If the color is well matched, the connection between the various tones is very harmonious. I will have a very fresh feeling and a very beautiful look. I am sure I am willing to make such a gift box.

Generally, green vegetables and fruits will be chosen in dark green or light green color to protect the eyes and have a fresh feeling. There are also a lot of gift boxes that will also use red and yellow to match, both festive and without losing grades.

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