Gift Box Production Design And Principles

Date:Apr 08, 2019

In the present life, the more emphasis on the age of rituals and exchanges, whether it is the holiday season, the gift of each other has become a way of expressing emotions between people. 

The gift is no longer important, the important thing is now The feeling of giving it when it is taken out is so important. If an exquisite gift does not require a nice gift box, it will greatly reduce the grade of the gift, so now people are not just choosing gifts. 

It took a lot of thoughts, but it was also troublesome in the box of gifts. The demand for gift boxes is getting more and more, and there is a higher standard in the production, so the design is packaged with exquisite gifts. What principles should the production follow?

Different festivals and different occasions, the gifts are also to meet the environment and objects. The requirements for the production of gift boxes are naturally different, so we should accurately locate the gift boxes when they are produced. 

According to the needs of the market and the specific degree of professionalism designed for its own advantages. In the process of making the packaging of the gift box, the use and matching of the color is very important. 

In selecting the color of the ribbon, it is also necessary to match the color of the wrapping paper. The color of the gift box is preferably on the wrapping paper. The color that appears, you can also choose the color of the same color, not the color is so awkward.

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The design of the gift box not only follows its own principle design criteria, but also conforms to the current people's aesthetic concept, and must keep pace with the times and have innovation.

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