Gift Box Production Process

Date:May 23, 2018

The gift box is a kind of gift that is now more common in life. It can be used as a gift and friend for friends and relatives. Because the gift box is a functional social extension of the packaging style. 

Therefore, it not only has the role of packaging, but also highlights part of the role. The exquisite degree of the gift box is proportional to the increase of the value of the goods, which weakens the use value of the goods to some extent. In the protection of goods and general packaging is almost the same, in order to highlight the value will use more expensive and beautiful lining to protect goods, such as silk. In the circulation, there is no general packaging so convenient, the value of gifts is relatively high, and the cost of spending on circulation is necessarily high, such as collision-free, deformation-free and so on. There is no doubt that it has super high influence in beautifying products and attracting customers.

Gift box production process

Plate making, the present gift box pay attention to beautiful and beautiful appearance, so the color version of the packaging is also varied, usually a style of gift box not only has 4 basic colors and several spot colors

Select paper, the general gift box paper is made of double copper and dumb copper paper, weight is generally 128G, 105G, 157G, rarely gift box paper will have more than 200G, because the paper is too thick and out of the gift box Easily blistering, and the appearance looks very dull

For printing, the gift box is printed only with paper. The crepe paper is not printed. At most it is only dyed. Because the gift box is the outer box, the printing process is very demanding.

Surface treatment, gift box wrapping paper usually do surface treatment, common is the light glue, too dumb glue, over UV, light oil, over matte oil

Beer and beer are the more important links in the printing process. To be sure, the beer must be modelled. If the beer is not allowed, the beer will be biased, and the beer will affect the subsequent addition.

 Alas, the usual prints are first picked up after the beer, but the only gift is after the first beer, one is afraid of getting paper, the other is the gift box pay attention to the overall appearance, the gift box must be handmade, this can reach a certain appearance

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