Gift Box Surface Embossing Tips

Date:Jan 04, 2019

We know that some gift boxes are often embossed to enhance the visual perception of the surface of the gift box in order to be more upscale. Then, let's take a look at the summary of the embossing of the surface of the gift box with the gift box manufacturers.

The embossing process of the gift box is a common decorative packaging material processing technology. The pressing pattern is divided into flat embossing and roller embossing.

The embossing process is a mold that uses embossed lines to deform a pressure-bearing material (PVC, aluminum, wood, paper, etc.) under a certain pressure and temperature to form a certain pattern, thus a gift box. The surface is crafted with art processing techniques.

The paper embossed on the surface of the gift box is generally made of coated paper, because the surface of the coated paper is better for printing, and other processes such as UV, bronzing, etc. can be performed; and the toughness of the coated paper is also more than other productions. There will be no paper fracturing.

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However, it should be noted that the coated paper is generally coated before the embossing, and it is not possible to cover the film, otherwise it is easy to appear white after embossing.

There are some other processes and embossing are in order, generally after the embossing and gilding; in the case of finer grain, the first embossing and UV is better, if the grain is thicker, then UV and then emboss.

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