Gift Paper Bag Customization

Date:Mar 25, 2019

In addition to the paper bag, there are many kinds of paper bags, and their shapes are different, and the visual effects are different. So what are the types of paper bags and what are their characteristics?

1. Portable portable gift paper bags are custom made. This is the type of paper bag we use the most. It is characterized by handles with different materials, strong load-bearing capacity, comfortable lifting and suitable for shopping.

 Foldable tote large custom printed paper bags factory

2.Square bottom gift paper bag custom. As the name suggests, the bottom is square. The opening can be in a variety of forms. It can be open or equipped with a handle.

3.Envelope paper bag. The gift paper bag looks like an envelope. This type of paper bag can protect the product well, especially for special weather, or special circumstances, such as rainy days, the envelope type paper bag can keep the product from getting wet, and the general open paper bag does not have this feature.

Customized recycled newspaper packing plain kraft paper bag

4.Tubular paper bag. Customized gift paper bags are shaped like a tube. No handles. A larger tubular paper bag needs to be carried away. Generally suitable for food packaging.

5.Open window paper bag. This paper bag is designed with a transparent design to show that the product works well.

6.Folded paper bag. The opening of this paper bag can be folded up, and this design can create a sense of fashion.

Because each product has its own unique side, different paper bags and paper bags have different marketing effects. Custom packaging, you can consult the Minglai Packaging that focuses on packaging, we will provide a one-stop packaging solution for your packaging.

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