Good Products Need Good Packaging. Is Your Product Well Packaged?

Date:Sep 05, 2018

Cardboard packaging was most commonly used as a crates or boxes before, but now there are more uses. Cardboard boxes can be made in different sizes and shapes. It is perfectly suited for the packaging of computers, stereos, keyboards, underwear and other products. Printing high-definition product images on the packaging surface, combined with the company's unique promotional concept, makes cardboard packaging one of the best ways to promote. The price is not expensive and plays a very good role in product protection and advertising.

Still think that corrugated paper is only suitable for large cartons? This view is outdated, and now more product packaging uses corrugated paper as a raw material. Simply pasting the printed copper paper on the surface of the box will change the understanding of traditional packaging. Because corrugated paper has high elasticity and load carrying capacity, it can protect electronic products or foods even without EVA or sponge. As an internal package. Although corrugated boxes are inexpensive to produce and cannot be printed directly on corrugated paper, by attaching copper-printed paper, you can express the information you want to express and can be packaged as a high-end product.


You will find more types of custom packaging for your product, such as kraft packaging, copper or plastic packaging. Or the same product uses the same packaging design, selected in a round box square package, the effect is completely different. Not all types of packaging are suitable for your product. You need to choose the type of packaging based on the characteristics of the product or the information to be expressed. When customizing product packaging, consider the following factors:

1.How much weight and volume does the package need to bear?

2.Is the product fragile and requires special protection?

3.Square packaging, cylindrical packaging or transparent plastic packaging, reflecting that the product is more in place.

4.Which packaging design, logo and other key components are hot stamping, hot stamping or convex-convex technology, with a focus on more prominent brands or products.


When customizing the product packaging, please pay attention to the packaging manufacturer's capabilities, including the formulation of the packaging solution, the improvement of packaging design capabilities and the control of high quality packaging. You will find that a good packaging supplier will help your brand and products achieve better results.

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