Graphic Layout Of Gift Box Design

Date:Aug 09, 2018

The graphic on the gift box mainly includes trademarks, graphics, text, color and other elements. They are the main way for consumers to understand product information and obtain spiritual connotation and cultural value. The graphic layout of the gift box is based on the consumer's cognitive rules, through the formal beauty of the rules, the product trademark, graphics, text, color, labeling and other elements are combined for overall layout and arrangement.

When designing the gift box, the graphic arrangement is carried out on different forms and surfaces. The layout should be based on the importance of consumers' reading habits and graphic functions, grasping the rules and highlighting the key points. Under normal circumstances, important information such as product logo, name, image or photo, slogan, weight, manufacturer, etc. are arranged on the main display surface of the package, and the logo, text, and functional description text are arranged on the side of the package or on the back.

The graphics and text of the package are the carrier of the color, and the graphics and text also need to use color to complete the self-expression. The graphic layout and combination of the gift box design should combine the brand image and marketing strategy of the packaged product, reasonably configure the color, and broaden the performance intensity and depth of the product packaging.



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