Green Packaging Material

Date:Dec 29, 2018

In the green and environmentally friendly background, many of the current packaging papers are made of fiber raw materials, and then physically and chemically treated according to the requirements of the packaging. 

Compared with glass, the metal is too expensive and too heavy. Plastics are poorly degradable, and wrappers are the best choice for green carton packs.

High quality luxury custom unique cardboard wine paper box

Since the market is gradually banned from the use of plastic food bags, the use of non-toxic, harmless all-paper environmentally friendly paper bags is advocated. There are four reasons for this. 

A) It is that paper products are highly sustainable and can be reused. 

B) Paper packaging waste will not pollute the environment and can also be used as fertilizer;

C) Paper products can be incinerated and used as energy;

D) Paper packaging Water-soluble glues, inks without oily solvents or low-oil solvents can be used, and the overall cost is cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

If we further strengthen the implementation based on the above four reasons, and emphasize green environmental protection, green packaging materials are the most promising paper packaging in the future carton packaging industry.

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