Hand To Teach You Deal With Frequent Printing Problems --Section 4 About Color Difference

Date:Jul 11, 2017

Section 4 About color difference


Color difference, a very headache problem, in the printing process. As the air, temperature and humidity, ink will cause color difference, so the color is only close, NO absolute same.


Hardware is the most advanced German Heidelberg A105 CTP plate and control ink technology, color rendition reach international advanced level.


1.     Manuscript design is very important, select the color be also, it can not demand the printing color under request of be same color as shown on displayer or printer. When in design, please refer to professional chromatogram CMYK to determine the color but don’t  use RGB mode color.

2.     Some color itself is likely to cause color difference, please try not to use, such as dark green, dark purple, brown, and other four-color superimposed color.

3.     Do not use RGB color mode for texts and multi-color overlay to avoid blurring text.

4.     Shading or background color set as much as possible not less than 10% to avoid unable presented when printing the finished product.

5.     Please make a picture in CMYK mode. Do not enter pictures in PSD format. In the CoreIDRAW design manuscript, please put all the input pictures, POWERCLIP objects, separate the drop shadows and use the transparency or filter material to color and then turn the bitmap. Color set to CMYK32 bit, resolution 400dpi, anti-aliasing compensation, transparent background, the use of color description are ticked to avoid rotating imposition output caused by mosaic. Such as adjusting the node to narrow the dot matrix, please turn the bitmap again, to avoid the output part of the cover.

6.     Please do not use spot coloring if this printing object without spot color, and can’t be CMYK black(C=100,M=100,Y=100,K=100),in avoid to scratches, color cast.

7.     All color and frame do not set to overprint color, so as not to lose.


These all are the problems which pre-printed designers need to pay attention when in design, in this way the printing will be much smoothly, be less on the chance of error.

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