Hand To Teach You Deal With Frequent Printing Problems --Section 1 Printing Black Color

Date:Jul 04, 2017


Section 1 Printing black color

In the printing process, we are most likely to contact is printed black, and how can we print black? pls pay attention to the following points.

1. Even k100 the printed black is also not all black, because the reasons of printing press rubber, this is a common problem. So if it is monochrome (spot color) printing, you can print twice, but if there is a shallow black in the original basis of the 50% -70%, such as shallow mesh is k60, then if printed twice it should better tune into k35 or so, it is best to have a standard proofing for the printing master to adjust.

2. It must add c30 on the design for black printing with four-color printing machine, but it will be pan-blue seeing from side by simply add a color, There is not very good with the food industry, Our experience is : c60m60y40k100, such a black is very heavy solid especially after the film lamination.

3. Someone might say that I want to print black is simply c100m100y100k100, is it not more black? No! in this way it can't printing at all, So simply can not print. Because the paper adsorption capacity for the ink max up to 300, that is to say, the sum of four values cmyk can not exceed 300! I mean a large area.

4. We advise use high-quality paper when printing a large area of black color, because the good paper don't have much paper ash when in printing, otherwise it is very easy to dirty the plate, if the printing master be a little careless, it will be printed out a lot of dirty points.

5. The pre-press design is also very important, when using anti-white words in printing a large area of black, it shouldn't use too small fonts as it easy to pasting plate.


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