Handbag Paper Printing Should Pay Attention To Matters

Date:Jul 06, 2018

The portable paper bag has the functions of promotion and advertising, which plays an extremely important role in the brand promotion of the manufacturer. Therefore, as one of the traditional important marketing models, today, after attaching the elements of the user experience, there are other ways, especially A unique advantage that promotional items cannot. Due to the rise of new media, the channels and methods of marketing have undergone subversive changes. Unlike the previous single mode of information transmission, the current marketing is more focused on the consumer experience, including product use, promotional items, interactive communication, and The three-dimensional experience, including advertising and promotion, has promoted the arrival of the experience consumption model.

Most printing companies use thick kraft paper, white cardboard, gray-white cardboard, white-white cardboard and copper cardboard, which are then printed by an offset press, die-cut, then bonded and formed. The exquisiteness, exquisiteness and richness of the printed patterns can be achieved through modern printing technology and perfect printing equipment, and even form a modern printing era! A small and inconspicuous hand-held paper bag can give us a lot of inspiration for art! Because, in modern printing! All the crafts can be shown on a small handbag! For example: bronzing, bump, UV, die-cutting and so on. In general, the main considerations are the following:

Environmental protection

This has become a common requirement for users. Both the environmental protection of portable paper bags and the environmental protection of printed materials should also take into account the reusability of portable paper bags. The former two are subject to national environmental regulations and are relatively easy to handle. The latter is less valued for handbag manufacturers, as a promotional item, the passive response of the client's requirements is the mentality of most manufacturers.

For the client, the important thing about branding is persistence. The higher the frequency of re-use of the paper bag, the longer the service life, which means that the longer the brand promotion, the better the natural effect. The service life also includes the durability of the printed graphic, that is, the abrasion resistance of the printed paper bag. This is actually very easy to understand, the graphics are worn out, and it is impossible to have any publicity effect. And after the wear and tear, most people think that the bag is broken, and it should be changed. After all, the portable paper bags in the market are flooding and there is no substitute.

Reflecting corporate culture

This refers specifically to the corporate culture of the client. The manufacturer of the portable paper bag must work closely with the client to establish a brand communication based on the client. Generally speaking, the requirements are simple and generous. The front of the process is generally based on the company's logo and company name, or the company's business philosophy. Don't design too complicated, can deepen the consumer's impression of the company or product, and get good publicity. Design has a great effect on expanding sales, establishing brand names, and stimulating purchases to enhance competitiveness.

One-stop service

The one-stop production method is the development trend of future design. In particular, companies that provide disposable bag containers can provide accessories such as sprayers on perfume products in addition to external paper bags. Therefore, one-stop service is the best performance of product value-added.


he design of the portable paper bag printing should also focus on the size of the design while expressing individuality. In the past, there was a misunderstanding. People always thought that the bigger the portable paper bag, the better. Especially at the exhibition, consumers can put other business handbags into their own handbags, which makes it easier to highlight their own brand image at the exhibition. In fact, there are many ways to obtain portable paper bags, and there are fewer and fewer ways to lead long-length handbags. Practicality is becoming a popular choice.

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