Handbag Printing Knowledge

Date:Jul 05, 2018

The design of the handbag printing design aims at the aesthetics and rationality of the hand-held products, and at the same time conveys the information of the products, and also displays a corporate image and displays a unique cultural atmosphere. The design requirements for the tote bag should be simple, and the weight should be firm and relatively low. The design of the pattern should be novel and simple, embody the concept of freedom and avant-garde, and at the same time play the functions of promotion, communication and display. The tote bag with protection and storage function is one of the mediums for visual flow to convey the image of the product.

The handbag print has the following characteristics.

1.Tote bag printing in design

The beautifully designed bag will be very popular, even if the printed trademark or advertisement, customers will be happy to reuse, has become one of the most efficient and affordable advertising vehicles.

2.Tote bag printing in terms of printing method

Paper tote printing is usually done in offset printing. Plastic tote bags are generally screen printed. There are many procedures to go through before printing. Need to produce a film, proofing, etc.

3.Handbag printing in post-press reprocessing

Paper tote bags usually need to be pasted, punched, and worn. The plastic tote bag printing process is relatively simple.

4.Tote bag printing in terms of material

In general, handbags are generally made of higher grade, quality paper, kraft paper or plastic, in order to obtain greater load bearing and better printing results.

5.Tote bag printing in terms of product form

They are all "bag"-like prints. The primary function is to load the items. The secondary function is to print through the surface design, which plays the role of propaganda and notification. In special cases, it also has some other auxiliary functions.

The design of the tote bag is not only practical, but also attracts the attention of consumers, thereby increasing the popularity of the merchant.

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