Hardcover Cardboard Gift Box Rapid Shape Up, Nothing Is Impossible!

Date:Dec 30, 2017

With the development of diversified society, the problem of environmental pollution has become increasingly prominent. As an important pillar of light industry, packaging and printing industry is developing from a traditional mode of production to a low-carbon, green, environment-friendly and energy-saving mode of production. Therefore, attention to sustainable development, emphasis on green packaging design and manufacturing, not only is the social responsibility of packaging and printing enterprises, packaging designers also pursued the design concept. In this article, I will introduce an innovative technology, that is, rapid prototyping boutique packaging carton design. The technology adhering to the concept of low-carbon green, not only to meet the packaging needs of the product, but also profitable after the actual application.

In order to fulfill its social responsibility and promote the development of green packaging, our company constantly explores the green packaging design and manufacturing.Starting from the aspect of product package design, we must take environmental protection and energy saving as the starting point in the design stage and, on the basis of guaranteeing product sales and use functions, advocate creative packaging and proper packaging to reduce the pollution of the environment, such as adhesives and plastic products. The amount of material used; raw materials try to use biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, non-polluting materials to reduce environmental pollution and waste of resources.


Starting from the product manufacturing sector, focusing on resource conservation, creating economical, economical production processes to reduce waste of production resources; the implementation of low-carbon green production, reduce secondary pollution to the environment.

Now, with my company is producing a well-known gift brand boutique packaging cartons, for example, for everyone to introduce the carton's main innovations.

The carton from design to production and then transported to the customer at the end, all aspects of the "low-carbon, green, environmental protection" theme, which in the form of heaven and earth cover presented in the eyes of consumers, molded cartons law-abiding, simple and beautiful , Compact size, ideal for placing the well-known brand of fine gift set.

(1) The carton canopy with simple, in line with customer brand positioning and product positioning of the pattern, without adding any cumbersome modification and design, the overall simplicity and low profile, very much in line with the requirements of the brand, but also the whole surface Decorative crafts complex, very energy saving.


(2) Box body structure similar to the bachelor's hat, mainly composed of three framed laminated paper gray rectangular panels, using environmentally friendly 3M adhesive bonding, forming the size of 200mm × 200mm × 95mm. The carton shipped to the customer completely tiled, to solve the traditional boutique carton forming and then take up space when the delivery of a small, high damage rate of the thorny problem. When the boutique packaging cartons are delivered to the customer, the customer only needs to uncover and glue the double-sided tapes, which are reserved at the four corners, for assembly and assembly. This is the ultimate mystery of the carton.

foldable cardboard gift box.png

It is worth mentioning that the paper used in the bin adhesive are environmentally friendly adhesive, will not bring the user a safety hazard, it will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

Compared to the traditional molding method, the application of rapid prototyping methods have the following two major benefits.

1. Improve productivity


In the manufacturing process of the carton, the three major components of the carton are made using a high-speed hull machine, and after the veneer is mounted on the gray board, the bottom paper can be affixed. When the carton is shipped to the customer, the customer only needs to uncover the four reserved double-sided adhesive tapes to complete the three-dimensional forming of the carton in seconds. The design not only avoids the tedious process of manual paper folding, folding and molding in the traditional molding process, but also increases the production efficiency in the carton manufacturing process and reduces the labor cost to a minimum. More importantly, the use of hull machine Biaozhi molding at the same time, but also greatly reduced due to manual bonding is not in place, soiled dirt caused by defective products have a chance.


2. Save on shipping costs


With this design, when the carton is tiled, the volume occupied by one box is only 380mm × 200mm × 4mm = 304cm, while the volume occupied by one box when the traditional method is molded is 200mm × 200mm × 95mm = 3800cm3 , Is tiled state occupy the volume of 12.5 times. This shows that in the same space transport capacity, can be more than 1250% loaded rapid prototyping packaging carton, which greatly saves on shipping costs and space. In addition, the problem of automobile exhaust caused by transportation is also reduced, so as to alleviate the current haze and air pollution problems in our country. This is precisely the best packaging carton in the early design of the concept of environmental protection, the best implementation of low carbon and reflect, but also my company in the production and follow-up product design and manufacturing has been constantly improving and upgrading and achieving environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon Idea and direction.


In short, under the conditions of product protection, ease of use and sales promotion, green packaging design is making strides towards environmental protection, low carbon and green and its history is also giving it an important social responsibility.


For packaging and printing companies, the need to do is not blindly learn and drift, but also need to comply with consumer demand and taste, with excellent product quality to meet customer needs, with innovative design inspiration and unlimited creativity to impress and attract Consumers, using low-carbon, green design concept to make more environmental contributions to the planet we live on. This is the packaging and printing business should do, but also must be done.

Whole Black Collapsible Paper Cardboard Box For Wine Gift,Foldable Storage Box in Superior Quality (2).jpgWhole Black Collapsible Paper Cardboard Box For Wine Gift,Foldable Storage Box in Superior Quality (1).jpg

foldable gift cardboard box.jpgfoldable gift cardboard box.jpg

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