[Headline] Pepsi Premium Water Play Personalized, Coffee And Wine Cross-border Mashup, You Have Entered The Era Of Creativity!

Date:Apr 14, 2018

Recently, the American Beverage Industry Association selected the 2017 best packaging. In the end, Perrier sparkling mineral water, LIFEWTR, High Brew RumChata, Heineken COOLERPACK, Van Gogh vodka, Marlborough white wine, Bacchus, Calvert Canadian whisky and other personalized design list.


First place: Perrier sparkling mineral water


Minglai Packaging remark on Packaging Innovation:

Combine the Rubik's cube into the water package and come along with the artist's brain hole to enter the world of Perrier Paris




In early 2017, Nestlé Drinking Water North America of Stamford, Conn., announced that its brand Perrier will carry out packaging innovations and will be available in October 2017. The project attracted the original designs of the three artists. The winner of the online vote is Eric Rigger, who is from Minneapolis and whose geometric design was inspired by Rubik's Cube. He was named Perrier Artist of 2017.


The American Beverage Industry Association stated that “Perrier has a long and rich history. A number of renowned visionary artists have worked with them to help preserve this legendary heritage. Use this design.


In any case, consumers should expect more for brands with sparkling drinking water, including partnerships with the hottest artists today. Perrier has been exploring new ways to support the art community and has planned to launch more artist-designed packaging in the United States in 2018.



Second place: LIFEWTR


Minglai Packaging  remark on Packaging Innovation:


Uniqueness is truly personal. This packaging design not only has a strong sense of color and lines, but also has a visual style that pursues a sense of art, creating a simple and stylish rush. This bottle no longer tells you all the time: you are not drinking water, it is creativity.



LIFEWTR is a high-end drinking water brand for PepsiCo in Pachs, New York. The company released new packaging designs in three separate releases in 2017. Brad Watch, president of PepsiCo Global Beverage Group, said that our LIFEWTR artists will turn the traditional bottle brand into a unique masterpiece. This series of trademarks is bold and transformative. We are proud that these designs are done by the most talented female artists today. LIFEWTR, in alliance with the American Fashion Designers Association (CFDA), has collaborated extensively around the world to help emerging fashion designers emerge in the highly competitive national and international markets. We admire these women, who have created diverse innovative ideas and contributed to the world a unique and fresh art form. We want to congratulate these women for their contributions to the arts and provide them with a platform for them to get exposure and show an encouraging view. We are very much looking forward to cooperating with CFDA because our aim is to perfectly integrate with their mission by helping talented emerging designers break the fashion. The 40 million bottles of LIFETWTR use the third series of trademarks in the second half of 2017.


Third Place: High Brew RumChata


Minglai Packaging remark on Packaging Innovation:

High value-added RumChata coffee-cocktail set, including two cans of high-end brewed coffee and a bottle of RumChata. Cross-border mix-and-match is very popular at the time.



Beverage manufacturers have also cooperated with other brands to launch limited edition packaging to expand the market. The high-end brewing and chilled coffee company in Austin, Texas, launched a limited edition in summer 2017 with the RumChata creamery brand owned by Agave Loco LLC, headquartered in Mount Vernon, Illinois. Edition coffee cocktail set. High value-added RumChata coffee-cocktail set, including two cans of high-end brewed coffee and a bottle of RumChata.


Smith, the founder and CEO of cold coffee, said at the conference that “Black and Bold RumChata has always been a favorite of high-end brewing teams. The partnership with RumChata has helped us a lot. For the high-end brewing team For example, we like to work hard and have fun, so we think it's a great idea to make delicious cocktails for people with RumChata this summer. If our own employees love this kind of drink, then it means we've succeeded. ."


RumChata's founder and chief sommelier Thomas said, “Whether it is face to face or social media, we often hear RumChata fans say that they like to add RumChata to their coffee. So this summer, RumChata and high-end Brewing coffee has been organically integrated in our customers' homes.Bundling everything together allows everyone to enjoy this delicious cocktail while also having the opportunity to introduce high-end brewing to new target customers. Coffee and RumChata's mixed drink."


Fourth place: Heineken COOLERPACK


Minglai Packaging  remark on Packaging Innovation:


Who said that the second packaging can only be stereotyped, there is no new paper box, this does not, Heineken Beer will play a new height of the secondary packaging innovation, comes with cooling capabilities, called the mobile small refrigerator, will consume The experience has reached its ultimate.



For beverage manufacturers, secondary packaging innovation is also important. Heineken (USA), headquartered in White Plains, New York, United States, demonstrated this technology by developing a product called COOLERPACK. The company designed an innovative 18-pocket cardboard package that allows consumers to cool their Heineken beer by removing the outer shell and adding ice cubes. The design can open the top and add ice packs to enable consumers to drink icy beer on hot summer days, boost retailer sales and profits, store and display this innovative product.


Chief Sales Officer Foster said: “When consumers purchase beer, they will give priority to the venue. They will choose the most suitable place to buy. We are very happy to bring this new packaging into the retailer’s mobile drinking establishment. Just in time for the summer, the survey shows that when priority is given to convenience, most consumers will choose to buy beer on the way, two-thirds say they will drink in an hour, and in addition, the large package (12 bottles and The above) means that the majority of celebrations and the amount of leisure party occasions need to be taken out of the ice bucket, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the temperature."

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