Health Products Gift Box

Date:Dec 10, 2018

Health products gift box: Use 157g coated paper, double gray board or white board, or use cloth paper or other special craft paper.

Printing: Mostly printed with 4+0C, can print spot color, special gold or special silver.

After the process: there are light glue, matte glue, partial UV, matte, embossed, hot platinum (gold, silver, sapphire blue and other metal texture film to choose from) or anti-counterfeit film (to make others unable Counterfeit), inner box (internal card) is modeled and separated.The model is commonly used in styrofoam silk velvet, sponge or flocking blister.

The inner box (internal card) can be made of styrofoam, paper tray, sponge or flocking blister.

Or paper and plastic, etc., the materials should be selected according to the actual needs of the product to ensure stability, aesthetics, economical and practical.


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