High-end Cosmetics Packaging Common Process Introduction

Date:May 25, 2018

Now people's grasp of popular trends is more often the choice of following. The purpose of cosmetic packaging design is to establish the image of the product and enhance the competitiveness of the product. This gives designers a hint of design direction. The design of cosmetics needs to have a very clear and clear grasp of the trend of fashion. By adjusting the appearance, structure, and graphics of the packaging, products designed to meet the trend are designed to enable the designed packaging to be more competitive.

       The next step is to introduce the common technology in high-end printing of cosmetic packaging. If you are interested, you can click to enter our company consulting, we can give you more detailed answer.


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The scientific name of electro-aluminum hot stamping is a special printing process that does not use ink. It uses a certain pressure on the temperature, and uses the template installed on the stamping machine to make the printed matter and the hot stamping foil pressed against each other in a short time. The foil or pigment foil is transferred to the surface of the printed article as a stamped graphic image. In recent years, with the advancement of the appearance and quality requirements of product packaging, printing technology and packaging technology have greatly improved, and post-press processing technology has achieved vigorous development. The bronzing process has been used as a post-press processing industry. In part, the changes in the past few years are even greater: the combination of new technologies, new processes, and multiple technologies has continued to increase, resulting in glossiness, three-dimensionality, metallicity, and anti-counterfeiting performance of packaging prints after hot stamping. Have achieved better results.

Reverse UV: 

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Inverted light, surface oil chemical reaction with the base oil, and then uv curing to form a matte effect, the results of the reaction after mixing the two media. The use of reverse light process, enhance the light resistance of the ink, increase the ink heat, moisture-proof ability, play a role in protecting the imprint, beautify the product, and act as a cover film. So that the print can be presented in two different gloss processing, printing technology areas: promotional items, gifts, calendars, crafts, cigarette boxes, wine boxes, food boxes and other product packaging applications.


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the contour of the design graphics can be used to form a three-dimensional three-dimensional convex or concave effect on the flat print through a special post-processing process. This processing process is convex, indentation process. Since the embossing effect of the paper surface is caused by the processing of the convex and the concave, it is possible to strengthen a certain design element in the plane print and highlight the visual and tactile appeal of the overall design. The convex and embossing processes are often used on paper products such as packaging paper, labels, packaging boxes, and business cards to show the value of their products.


Glossy/matte lamination:

cosmetics bottle packaging.jpgTop Premium Ribbon Closured Cardboard Box for Perfume Beauty Packaging (1).JPG

 It can be seen from the surface to distinguish the color, the light film is a bright surface; after the film is transparent and bright. Matte film: can be seen from the surface to distinguish the color, matte film is a mist surface; after matte matte matte matte surface; general user flat sheet material cover peritoneum, for example, business cards, books, pictures, posters, color box And other products. The peritoneum can not be used in the local peritoneum. If it is necessary to achieve the effect of local peritoneum, other techniques such as UV and oil can be used.

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