High-grade Packaging Box Three-dimensional Bronzing Process

Date:Aug 31, 2018

In recent years, with the improvement of the appearance and quality requirements of commodity packaging, printing technology and packaging technology have made great progress, and the post-press processing technology has achieved vigorous development, while the electro-aluminized hot stamping is used as a post-press. Part of the processing, the changes in the past few years are even greater. 

The continuous emergence of new technologies, new processes and a combination of various technologies has enabled the printed matter to achieve good results in gloss, three-dimensional, metallic and anti-counterfeiting properties after hot stamping, especially at present. A wide range of three-dimensional hot stamping technology makes the packaging of the goods look high-grade, exquisite and full of personality. At present, the technology is mainly used for greeting cards, bookmarks, trademarks, tobacco and alcohol packaging and various high-end packaging boxes.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is the use of a certain pressure and temperature, using the template mounted on the hot stamping machine, so that the printed matter and the hot stamping plate are pressed together in a short time, and the metal foil or color pigment foil is transferred to the image according to the graphic requirements of the hot stamping template. The processing technology of the surface of the hot material. Since hot stamping is mainly gold and silver, it is often called bronzing. This technology is an important process to increase the visual effects and grades of labels, trademarks, cigarette packets, wine bags and various high-end packaging boxes. It can be divided into hot stamping and hot stamping. The first hot stamping is to first stamp the printed aluminum foil layer on the blank substrate, and then print the graphic on the surface of the aluminum foil layer, which is mostly used for packaging printed matter requiring large area hot stamping. The first print and then hot is on the printed matter, the hot stamping on the parts that need hot stamping, which is a widely used process. 

From the hot stamping method, it can be divided into hot stamping technology and cold stamping technology. Hot stamping technology is the above-mentioned hot stamping process that requires a certain temperature and pressure to complete the transfer of electrochemical aluminum foil. Cold hot stamping technology is a process of transferring an electrochemical aluminum foil to a surface of a packaged print by applying a UV adhesive to a portion where the printed matter needs to be stamped. Each of these two methods has its own characteristics and meets the requirements of different products.

Three-dimensional hot stamping

The three-dimensional bronzing technology is a composite technology combining bronzing technology and embossing embossing technology. It uses corrosion or engraving technology to make the embossing and embossing of the embossing and embossing into a top and bottom gravure and positive embossing to achieve bronzing and The embossing technology is a one-time process. This process simultaneously completes the bronzing and embossing, reduces the waste of processing and overprinting, and improves productivity and product quality.

Since the three-dimensional bronzing is a combination of bronzing and embossing technology, the effect of the product is an embossed three-dimensional pattern, which cannot be printed on it. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a process of printing and then ironing, and at the same time, due to its high precision. And high quality requirements, not suitable for cold stamping technology, but more suitable for hot stamping technology.

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