High Quality And Personalized Packaging

Date:Sep 06, 2018

The high-end customized features of color box packaging determine that its customers are composed of consumables in the cosmetics, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Color box packaging provides an external display for cosmetics manufacturers to seek high-quality and differentiated corporate image. Nowadays, there are four types of common cosmetic packaging:

Texture material

Textured material is obtained by embossing a whole sheet of paper. Textured materials are now very popular in cosmetic packaging programs. Many cosmetics manufacturers and packaging planners are constantly looking for materials with different sample textures, such as cardboard and suede with rough grain results.

Perspective packaging

Through the outer packaging, we can see the perspective packaging of the contents, which is increasingly favored by consumers. 

Different shapes

More and more companies are demanding the shape of the box to stand out from the traditional view of consumers and improve product identification. 


Cosmetic packaging boxes have emerged to use the dazzling materials to print cosmetic packaging boxes to reach the eye-catching sales target. In particular, inks, coatings and metal materials are gradually becoming a trend, and it is hoped that this innovation will make their products unique.

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