Hollow-out Fruit Gift Box

Date:Jul 30, 2018

The fruit is nutritious and economical, but the fruit gift boxes on the market are relatively single. Let's talk about it today, where should the fruit packaging box be innovative.

The current fruit packaging uses cardboard boxes, which can be changed from a single flat printing to a flat hollow carving and a three-dimensional hollowing out. Although the printing can be changed in color and pattern, the overall shape of the box can't be changed. It still gives a single feeling when you look at it. Want to have a different packaging design? Try the extraordinary creativity of laser hollowing out. Or from the shape, it is not necessary to have a rectangular box, circular, fan-shaped, cylindrical, conjoined, etc. can be considered. It can be used with different fruits and different shapes to make it easy to place fruit.

It is also possible to use the cheap type, the gift blessing type, the travel convenience type, the origin memorial type, etc. from the use. Many of the current fruit gift boxes are divided by two pounds, but the significance of using the gift box to package the fruit does not exist. In short, every new change gives people a sense of freshness, stimulates a new desire, and achieves the goal of expanding sales.

According to a sample survey, more than 95% of consumers have to open the box when they buy boxed fruit. With the laser shovel, we can engrave any hollow pattern we want on the box, without the need for extra venting holes, and a transparent plastic film in the larger part of the venting port, so that consumers can see at a glance See if the product in the box is fresh. It can increase the beauty of the buyer's desire and increase the credibility. It is the best of both worlds.

Fruits and gift boxes are traditional gifts and gifts, but packaging fruit in a gift box is not what ordinary people think. Simply put the fruit into the gift box. With more innovation, consumers have more choices to keep consumers fresh and fresh.


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