How Much Is A Custom Paper Bag With Printing?

Date:Mar 19, 2019

Customized handbags, I think every business wants to do, for small businesses, quality is very important, but we are more concerned about how much to order a handbag, the price is within our budget, It is only possible for us to do this. So how much is the custom tote bag printing?

How much is a custom-made handbag, this is different from person to person, simple design, materials, can be very cheap to order handbags, but the materials are exquisite, the process is complicated, the price will be much higher.

Paper bag shape:

When our paper bags are not traditional square, then as a factory, we need to carry out complex die-cutting processing on raw materials. 

The cost of complex die-cutting requires simple time and energy, and the workers are different. It takes more unit time to make a complicated modeling paper bag, so the cost will naturally come up.

Paper bag materials:

The thinner, the more commonly used raw materials that can be mass-produced, the cheaper, and the thicker, the higher the weight, the more expensive the raw materials that can only be customized in small quantities.

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Paper bag process:

How much is a custom-made handbag, it is related to the process, your complex process and simple process, a variety of processes and a process are definitely not the same price.

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