How To Better Highlight The Packaging Value Of Tea Boxes?

Date:Jan 10, 2019

People’s pursuit of good things has never stopped. Take the tea box as an example. The Chinese tea culture has a long history. People’s understanding of different teas is also a good effort. 

A beautiful and unique tea packaging is given to people. While enjoying the beauty, it also indirectly stimulates consumers' desire to purchase.

In addition, tea is a cultural tradition in China. Good tea packaging also plays a role in promoting Chinese tea culture to a certain extent. 

Good tea packaging has a collection value, and can also be used for secondary packaging of tea, which saves resources. At the same time, it also reduces environmental pollution.

As the saying goes, good horses are equipped with good saddles. An excellent tea packaging must have a good foundation. After fully understanding the characteristics of tea, it is necessary to select appropriate materials according to these characteristics and use them reasonably to achieve perfection.

Red luxury gift tea box with silk and foam inner tray

The good tea packaging design, the first thing to consider is its material and structure, tea packaging can generally be divided into two categories, namely large packaging and small packaging. 

Large packaging is also called transport packaging. It is mainly used for transportation, loading and unloading and storage. Generally, corrugated boxes are used more.

The small package is the fine packaging box that has just been emphasized. It not only protects the quality of the tea, but also enhances the external image of the tea. It has played an excellent role in publicity, display and exhibition.

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