How To Choose A Gift Box For Custom Food And Cosmetics?

Date:Oct 22, 2018

"People rely on clothing and beauty to wear clothing," the same is the common food and cosmetics gift box, suitable gift box packaging will make the gift more attractive, and conversely, the gift will reduce its value. So how do you choose a gift box for custom food and cosmetics?

Gift box selection: The correctness of the choice of materials directly affects the competitiveness of the goods, so the first part is very important;


Packaging color: It is very important to design the color and product to be coordinated. This is a component that stimulates consumer spending. A reasonable combination of tones highlights the characteristics of the product and gives the customer a strong appeal.

The shape of the package: It is very important to design the shape of the package according to the physical properties of the product. We also need to take into account the transportation, display and other factors. 

The pattern of the box: This is the core element that leaves the user with the impression of the product. It is also the main element of the test designer. It is indispensable and very important.

Product label: This part of the content allows us to have a certain understanding of the product, including the brand, date of manufacture, expiration date, method of use, and so on.


In the design, printing and production process of gift box packaging, we want to minimize the color error of the printed matter, even zero error, but due to the limitations of various aspects in the actual printing production, the comprehensive error of various influencing factors, zero error is not possible. Only by strengthening the quality management from design to production, the layers are progressive, so that the quality of all aspects of the gift box has a high degree of control, to minimize the color error, quality and quantity.

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