How To Choose The Right Paper For High-end Packaging?

Date:Mar 06, 2019

For high-end packaging manufacturers, paper is very important for us. The quality of a box is not only the production process, but also the packaging paper. So, how to properly purchase the ideal paper we need, let me introduce it to you.

If the box is divided by material, the three most common types of paper are: kraft paper, cardboard paper, and teaboard paper. The main difference between them is:

Color: The color of kraft paper is the most natural, the cardboard paper is yellowish, and the teaboard paper is grayish and rough.

Hardness: Kraft paper is rich in fiber, and the toughness, hardness and stiffness are the best. The cardboard paper is actually kraft paper with old materials added. The fiber composition is less and the quality is normal. The teaboard paper is the paper in the middle of the carton corrugated. soft. The easiest way to identify hardness is to use your nails to rub the paper. The easier it is to break, the worse the paper.

Weight: Because of the adequacy of materials, kraft paper is heavier than teaboard paper per square meter. According to the comparison, a 12-gauge post-size carton has more than 45 grams of kraft paper and less than 35 grams of teaboard paper.

Price: Because of the material selection and materials, the price of tea board paper is the most advantageous.

custom magnetic eyelashes paper packaging gift rigid box with hinge closure

The papers introduced above are common in general packaging. If you want to customize the high-end gift packaging, it is generally recommended that the gray board or fiberboard paper will be upgraded.

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