How To Control The Production Cost Of The Paper Bag?

Date:Jan 26, 2018

As we all know, paper bags play an important role in the promotion. Some businesses have some misunderstanding that the more expensive the better the paper bag. So custom handbag requires custom handbag manufacturers, in the selection, technology, design are the best, the most expensive, so although the production of a magnificent handbag, but businesses have to pay for their high cost, get The benefits are not necessarily good, sometimes even the opposite. The production of hand-held paper bags must be learn to control costs, ,So how to control the production cost of the paper bag?

1, a reasonable control of handbag production costs, the first is to properly design the size of the bag. What impresses me most is Uniqlo's handbag. They will be based on the number of costumes, the severity of choice for customers of different sizes of paper bags. This will be targeted. In order to maximize cost savings, as a packaging plant to ensure that the bag of high precision cutting and folding paste box accuracy. In equipment, the need to continuously improve the degree of automation equipment, regular maintenance checks to ensure that its high-speed operation, improve the quality and quantity of bag printing.

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2, a reasonable control of the production costs of paper bags, to choose a reasonable material. Common handbag material, kraft paper, coated paper, white cardboard, white paper. Advocacy of green today, the choice of bag material should keep up with the trend. According to the choice of environmentally friendly kraft paper. Tote bag made of kraft paper, which is characterized by fastness, the lowest cost, ordinary goods can be applied. UNIQLO selected paper is environmentally friendly white kraft paper. Of course, you can also choose a different type of paper depending on the positioning of the product.

One of the most popular handmade paper bag making materials. It is characterized by moderate fastness, good printability. The lower cost of whiteboard paper, is a more affordable bag, it can hold a certain weight of goods, but its printing adaptability in general. Tote bag made of white cardboard is relatively high-end. The strength of white cardboard tote bag is the highest of all tote bags, generally this material is used to hold high-end clothing or goods.

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3, a reasonable control of the production cost of paper bags, to a reasonable choice of technology. Handbag generally used technology are bronzing, UV, bump convex, etc. However, some businesses in order to increase the value of paper bags will use a very complex process, this is not undesirable, but according to the positioning of goods targeted choice.

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