How To Design A Custom Paper Notebook?

Date:Feb 18, 2019

Enterprise custom notebooks have become a trend to promote corporate culture. More and more companies choose to customize notebooks, not only can print corporate LOGO, but also can be used as gifts for customers or their own employees.

There are two ways for enterprise custom notebooks. One is that the company itself provides the designed artwork to the notebook manufacturer. According to the samples, pictures and requirements provided by the company, the manufacturer first proofs out a set, and after proofing to the enterprise, if the company feels satisfied, there is no place to modify, then the notebook manufacturer starts to customize the quantity of the printing enterprise demand in large quantities, and then complete the transaction.

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Another way is for companies to provide samples that need to design a customized notebook, so that the design of the notebook manufacturer is responsible for designing the sample. In this process, the company only needs to provide pictures, text, and corporate logo. The designer designs the sample to the company and then changes it according to the needs of the company.

After that, the proof was confirmed, and the company confirmed that the sample was correct and began to produce the number of notebooks required by the company. In this way, the company is more worry-free, and the design part is handed over to the manufacturer for completion. The follow-up manufacturers are also ready to audit the enterprise after completion, and can directly print the sample after completion.

The customized notebook, the cover advertisement of the notebook, the cover material, the color page advertisement, the inner page paper material, and the number of inner pages can be customized. We are committed to customizing your satisfaction to your notebook!

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