How To Design A Gift Box That Is Both Aesthetic And Practical?

Date:Aug 02, 2018

We all know that design makes life better, and Minglia Packaging often creates a sense of pride from the heart when it comes to designing and packaging gift boxes. Because the profession we are engaged in is a job of creating "beauty", every day is greeting all kinds of beautiful materials, crafts, colors, patterns, and every day is colliding with beautiful packaging design copywriting, seeing every day. A variety of beautiful packaging products were born here.

However, the beautiful things need people to create, but the creation is not enough, but also the intention. Only by creating with heart can we make life better. Minglai packaging has a unique pursuit for beauty. We want to express beauty in a unique way, that is, through packaging design, let all beautiful things appear on the gift box, so that every consumer can see the product packaging. At the time, there is a feeling of appreciation of art. The successful gift box packaging design not only causes consumers to pay attention to and interest in the products through the use of shapes, colors, patterns and materials, but also enables consumers to accurately understand the products through packaging.

Minglai is a gift box packaging manufacturer integrating packaging design, printing and production. It is recommended that you pay attention to the following four points when designing packaging, and you can design a gift box that is both aesthetic and practical.

Pay attention to the distinction between the display of internal products

When designing a gift box, consider the display of the product inside the gift box. The shape of the product will vary from the way the interior of the gift box is displayed. We need to pay attention to the design when distinguishing.


Pay attention to the combination of form and function and materials

Gifts have the functions of highlights, boutiques, collections, etc., so the three-dimensional shape of the packaging design and the flat processing of each display surface must be combined with functions and materials. The form should be adapted to the requirements of the protection and use of the contents, and also pay attention to the combination of the physical and chemical properties of the selected materials. It should be prevented from consciously falling into the blind form of the game in the design, in the form of form. Improper use of form will weaken the power of form and even have the opposite effect.

Whether the design company or the gift box packaging manufacturer is designing the gift box, it is necessary to clarify the customer's demand for the cost of the gift box. Different gift box packaging materials, the choice of various process applications, will affect the final quotation for customers, we need to determine all aspects of the packaging design according to customer needs, to meet customer needs, but also the largest range attract consumers.


Pay attention to the conveyance of product information

The filling process of the package can be said to be an advertisement for the content. Pay attention to the communication function of the packaging in the design, the design content must clearly and accurately convey the product related information and product features. Once the packaging misleads the audience "referring to the deer as a horse", even if the decoration form is beautiful and novel, it is a failed design.

Special packaging requirements for off-site transportation

In the design of gift boxes, as a gift box packaging manufacturer, we must also consider the transportation problem, remind customers of the impact of packaging on remote or off-site transportation. After all, products can not only be sold at the production site, and some also need to be shipped in batches. All over the country, this time should consider the various aspects of the gift box during the transportation process. In addition, some customers have special needs for the packaging of the products, and we should also meet them.

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