How To Design Graphic Characters On The Box Of Electronic Products?

Date:Oct 31, 2018

The graphic text content on the packaging of electronic products is mainly the product image, logo and brand image and decorative graphics. The graphic text of the product can realistically and accurately reproduce the texture and shape of the product and realize the communication of the image.


Text is an essential element in conveying product packaging information. A digital electronic product can be packaged without graphics, but without text. The text design includes Chinese and English (Chinese Pinyin). The text content used for electronic product packaging includes brand name, product name, advertising language, and explanatory text. The brand name refers to the trademark of the product. The product name refers to the name of the packaged item. The slogan is an auxiliary term for promotional items.

The above three are generally placed on the main display surface of the package, mostly using design fonts and highly personalized fonts. The explanatory text includes quality description, instructions for use, ingredients, some main performances, company name, address, telephone number, etc., which are usually placed on the side of the package, or separately made into a small booklet inside the package, and more standardized printed fonts and fonts are used. If the stroke is too thick or too thin, it will affect the visibility after printing. It is not advisable to choose a font with a large change, otherwise it will affect the readability. The font design of electronic products should be high-tech, but pay attention to visibility and readability.



Photographic graphics are more convincing than real illustrations, but illustrations can be summarized and summarized through abstract strokes. They can also freely express emotions, express rich fantasy, and depict unrestrained scenes beyond time and space. The comic-like sense of humor and human touch are not easily expressed by the limited photos of the technology, especially nowadays, the emphasis on the differentiated market environment makes the illustrations more unique.

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