How To Design The Color Matching Of The Gift Box To Be More Beautiful?

Date:Oct 22, 2018

The color matching on the product box is an important "face" in the product. When we see a packaged gift box, our first visual impact is its color, and the color will never exist alone. In fact, the effect of a color is determined by a number of factors: the reflected light, the surrounding color, or the viewer's viewing angle. Each color can have different effects that affect our feelings.

A)The color of white is bright, simple, pure and happy;


B)The brightness of purple is the lowest among colored pigments. The low brightness of purple gives a dull, mysterious feeling;

C)The green character is the most peaceful and stable; the blue color is simple and introverted, which is a color that helps people to calm down;

D)The yellow character is indifferent, arrogant, sensitive, with a visual impression of expansion and restlessness.


E)Red, giving people a warm feeling, very bright and eye-catching, easy to attract people's attention, making people excited, excited but also easy to cause people's visual fatigue!

In short, no matter what kind of color, it has its distinctive features. The same is true for packaging. Therefore, the choice of the color of the packaged gift box has a very important role in the package.

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