How To Design The Color Of Packaging Box?

Date:Apr 12, 2019

The carton is not only environmentally friendly, but also can be used twice, but the color of the carton is also very important in the choice of the color of the carton. 

It can give a novel feeling visually. The carton packaging is often used. A kind of product packaging is very valued, so the attention to the appearance is also very important.

The requirements for the degree of appearance of the product are very high, to meet people's aesthetics, it is necessary to rely on color design and deployment, attached to the graphics, the connotation of the text must also be expressed!

The most important one is the color of the carton packaging. The color tone is the general tendency of the color on the screen. The total mood is the main color of a group of colors. Therefore, the packaging color is the key to the design. 

The color tone design is different from the times and different colors. In the region, different celebrities are united in the color of jealousy, and they must be able to adapt to this change and conform to the trend of the times.

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In addition, the contrast of the colors, the two opposite colors are called contrast colors, and the difference in the color difference is the biggest, leaving a vivid, strong contrast feeling printing tool. The color can only be correct through comparison. Express the image. 

Another important thing in terms of color is the rhythm, which is an important factor in the form of the picture!

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