How To Develop Green Packaging For Tea Packaging Boxes?

Date:Jan 17, 2019

In the development of modern market economy, the role of tea packaging is getting bigger and bigger, not only to protect the role of tea, but also to facilitate transportation and publicity.

Although in recent years, many merchants have begun to realize this problem, how can they reflect green environmental protection in tea packaging design?

First of all, we should start with the packaging picture design.In the tea packaging picture design, the selection should focus on the reduction of packaging. 

When the glass container is thinned, the tea carton packaging should be reduced, and the metal bottle and aluminum paper composite or plastic composite should not be over-packaged; Pay attention to the savings of packaging resources. If conditions permit, domestic materials should be used. 

Do not blindly use imported materials; pay attention to the use of materials that can be reused for recycling; pay special attention to the harmlessness of packaging, avoid the use of refractory, and cause environmental damage. 

magnetic gift boxes with ribbon branded cardboard boxes

Harmful plastic packaging; pay attention to the multi-functional packaging, used packaging can be used for other purposes, can reduce the amount of packaging waste.

Second, we must vigorously develop new tea packaging materials, such as plant packaging materials that can be naturally degraded after use and research on new varieties of degradable plastics. 

Furthermore, to ensure the recycling and utilization of packaging waste, it is necessary to establish a sound recycling system and use price levers to increase the recycling price. 

At present, the recycling price of waste packaging is too low, which is easy to cause waste of resources, and should be paid enough attention by relevant departments. 

Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to the recycling of recycled products, and after recycling, the recycled products are partially reduced to raw materials and then new packaging products. Other residues can be used to produce other materials or to be pulped to produce energy.

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