How To Distinguish Between PU And Genuine Leather?

Date:Jun 20, 2018

一.Pu leather identification method: 

    1.Press the leather surface with your fingers, there is no obvious pore wrinkles, such as wrinkles after pressing, it will not obviously disappear;

    2.Leather surface without pores, this is an important feature to identify genuine and fake leather;

    3.Cut corner burns, odor, but non-hair char smell.


二.The dermis is the animal's epidermis, with natural and smooth skin elasticity, strong resistance to tearing and abrasion;PU is a chemical material, PU leather is imitation leather, he is sprayed with PU material on the surface of the second layer of skin, no leather natural texture and performance, but the PU skin is easy to shape, physical stability, good Care, easy maintenance.

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