How To Enhance The Marketing Power Of Products Through Packaging?

Date:Mar 15, 2019

Mr. Rando, an American industrial design guru, believes that a good designer must be a savvy psychologist. The design idea of packaging should be consumer-centric and try to stimulate and satisfy the psychological needs of consumers.

Consumer Buying Motivation: When consumers purchase goods, the process of understanding the goods includes seven stages: attention, interest, association, desire, comparison, dependence, and action.

Attention stage: The first impression that the consumer enters the store on the item. The patterns are sharp, the words are prominent, the colors are conspicuous, and the packaging with strong visual impact can attract consumers' eyes in a short time.

Interest stage: Different consumers have different styles. For consumers with different styles, they start from the aspects of color, shape, text, pattern, etc., and design different styles to meet different consumers or art or retro or wild product packaging.

Associate stage: packaging with novelty, distinctiveness and gracefulness is easy to induce rich associations of consumers.

Desire stage: attract consumers through various means such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. With excellent quality, reasonable price, convenient use and beautiful shape, it will impress consumers and stimulate consumers' desire to purchase. 

Comparison stage: Display the shape, color, taste, performance and usage of the product to the consumer, so that the consumer can compare and select. Consumers generally decide whether to buy after this stage.

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Dependence stage: Commodity packaging strives to make consumers feel dependent on the product. The image of the old brand, brand-name products, the quality product logo, the quality certification mark, and the instructions for seeking truth from facts can all enhance the consumer's dependence on the goods.

Action phase: After all the above stages, consumers decide to purchase goods, so that they can purchase and consume, and complete the consumption process.

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