How To Make A More Point-of-sale Packaging Design?

Date:Aug 02, 2018

In the new economic form, packaging design must be planned and packaged with planning design.

It is understood that many food companies in the current moment in order to control costs, calculate the small account, because they do not understand the value of design, but neglect the planning and originality of packaging design, as well as visual attraction, which leads to the same packaging design, copying others' ideas The other people's version, to deal with the matter, the money is saved, the product is destroyed in the boss's thoughts. In fact, the final calculation of the small account is the wrong account, the calculation is not accounted for, the result of the product is not on the shelf, and the grass ends.

Excellent packaging design needs to be planned. It can highlight the brand image, enhance the sales conversion power, let the packaging itself buy the product, attract the eye in the terminal, win the consumer's favorite, just remember to live at a glance, then look at it at a glance. Impulsive, and better able to match the terminal display. Therefore, the selling point planning of packaging is particularly important. Why consumers like this product first depends on the visual impact and trust that packaging brings. Secondly, packaging must have creative appeals, consumer appeals, and clearly tell consumers that you need it. Third, the color is hooked, the creative hits, the focus is prominent, the packaging is activated, the three-dimensional, its visual appeal can jump out of the display surface, and the selling point information is delivered to the consumers.

Of course, not everyone is your target consumer. The excellent packaging design is a locator, accurately finding the customer base, and locking them, let them see the packaging will buy, and what consumers should buy, What consumers should not buy, the so-called goods sell home! In the years of brand planning and packaging design work, the premise of packaging design must be in-depth understanding of the product, positioning the product target group, know the consumer scene, with such high precision Degree planning is the design path that has the selling point packaging, it depends on the real effort.

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