How To Make A Successful Food Packaging?

Date:Dec 06, 2018

The relationship between the food industry and packaging technology is very close. Food packaging design should keep up with the beat of the times. If the packaging of similar products lags behind the competition, it will be eliminated by the market.

If your product is sluggish in the market, or the sales growth rate is lower than the total market growth rate, you should check your packaging image, market positioning, we must consider improving the packaging design, re-occupy the market with a new packaging image. "Box and Box" mainly provides printing and packaging business for brand positioning, creative packaging design, printing proofing, packaging production, packaging and purchasing, etc. for all kinds of food, agricultural and sideline products, Linte products and non-material cultural products.


Sensory packaging:

Feel packaging can give consumers an intuitive feeling about the packaged product, such as touch, sight or smell. Sensory packaging is primarily about creating an external overall feel, such as odor, texture, and visual effects.

For example, some feel that the package extracts the smell of the internal product to attract customers, such as toast, barbecue, chocolate or fruit scent, and the extracted scent is blended into the adhesive or paint, making the whole package full of attractive taste. In this way, a connection can be established between the product and the consumer. Sensory packaging has a very personal consideration for maintaining product integrity.

Functional packaging:

Such packaging is a scientific method for solving packaging problems associated with content. With the anti-corrosion properties of liquid packaging, the use of such packaging allows the perishable product to maintain a longer fresh time. A packaging box designed to eliminate certain defects and deficiencies of the product itself. Such packaging accessories can also extend the shelf life of the product and maintain the fresh taste of the product. Functional packaging can effectively prevent the contents from being disturbed and play a good protective role.

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