How To Meet The Professional Printing Requirements?

Date:Dec 23, 2017

A lot of publicity in life can not do without printing. With the improvement of people's taste, the requirements for printing are also constantly increasing. The promotional role played by these printed materials is also getting more and more attention. In the professional printing requirements, in order to win customer satisfaction, you need to pay attention to the following questions: First, overprint accurate; Second, the ink evenly; Third, dot gain; Fourth, the ink balance; , Scratch, flower version, paste version, etc .; Sixth, we should strictly loyalty to the original.


However, in the business focus on these print quality, but also need to pay attention to these print ads to improve the quality of printing, often also need professional design techniques to match. Some problems that arise in the design will not only bring difficulty to the printing, but also affect the original intention of the final publicity of the business. Professional designers have some knowledge of printing, will try to avoid difficult to reflect in the design of the print.


First, avoid unprofessional designs. Many design novice works will appear too much multicolor very thin lines, minimal white, color types and patterns are often wrong. For printing agencies, this unprofessional design is difficult to print the desired effect.


Second, pay attention to gray balance effect. In order to achieve the audience's neutral gray effect is not easy, you need under certain printing adaptability, yellow, magenta, cyan three color version from light to dark at a certain dot ratio combination overprint get different color achromatic. For the amount of ink used in printing, paper, full version of the concentration, dot area, overprinting and screen lines and the machine overprint accuracy and operator skill levels have high requirements printed with these design needs also need to use such as Change the map network of professional printing platform to complete, all aspects of the request can take into account.


Third, 4-color screen and 3-color screen, full version of the color do not print (recommended by special color printing).


Fourth, C = 50 M = 50 Y = 50 K = 50 large flat screen, with a little bit of color on the partial color serious.


Fifthly, the professional practice of black background is to use the special ink or print twice, the cost will increase, and the design can be avoided if not necessary.


Sixth, pay attention to the text color processing in the design process, to ensure the smooth completion of the text overprint work, otherwise it is easy to print problems.


In addition, the printing is generally full version of the thing, full-color or large spot color, white, the same logo, there are the same color, generally difficult to follow the color, prone to color, ghosting, rub dirty, scratch Injury phenomenon, but also need attention. There are dark brown, brown, dark green (flat screen, with blue 70), dark blue, purple blue and so on due to the existence of color differences in the printing machine is not easy to find a balance, so are difficult to print color, at Also pay attention to the design, such as the need to use, must require a high degree of printing technology.

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