How To Print The Box?

Date:May 08, 2019

In order to make a good package, companies and enterprises should start from their own products. First of all, design planning is a problem that enterprises should consider. They should understand the size of the packaging box, design the packaging box style, color value, paper and so on.

In this regard, companies can find a special design company or be completed by their own design team. Of course, we also provide prepress typesetting and design work. 

Then in general, the proof should be taken out first to determine the correctness of the contents of the document and the approximate color direction. 

Of course, you can also determine the contents of the file on the computer and then see it on the press at the time of printing.

Minglai Packaging recommends that companies can first determine the content by digital sample, and then personally look at the print to ensure the correctness of the content and color. 

After printing, it is the processing of the latter. The process of the packaging box has film, UV, hot stamping, paste, die cutting and so on. This is all the company's design to improve the high-end, exquisite packaging box.

This aspect is determined by the use of the package and the value of the product. The period of printing and production of the package generally depends on the number of documents, the number of prints, and the subsequent process.

Generally, our production cycle is about 7-18 working days. Of course, the number is relatively large or the printing process is more complicated, and the construction period may be extended appropriately. 

Box printing price In our usual circumstances, we provide accurate quotations based on specific customer needs, such as paper, size, process, etc., avoiding the huge errors caused by general quotations.

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