How To Seize The Consumer Psychology Of The Box Design

Date:Oct 24, 2017

With the increase in the market products, packaging design has become an important concern for many businesses. Mainly because the packaging gift box can play a certain value-added role, the same piece of goods in the gift box packaging and no gift packaging there is a considerable difference, good gift packaging can not only promote the enjoyment, in similar goods to improve competitiveness, Consumers want to buy, but also can enhance the taste more face. So we want to increase sales, can not rely on the quality of the product to increase sales, but also through the electronic products to win better packaging. So how to design the product box is also our concern.

The needs of consumers so that we have to design a new selling point of product packaging, a unique form to strengthen the selling point of the product, attracting more consumers with the eye. The same product, a different product packaging to the customer's feeling is the quality of the product is not the same. Someone has done experiments to put the same detergent into a different bottle of heavy weight, allowing consumers to try, and as a result they think it is several different products of detergent. This experiment shows that the packaging is not the same form, good packaging products is an important factor affecting the purchase of consumers. Packaging design is a very comprehensive design professional disciplines, which contains the plane composition, three-dimensional composition, color composition, text design and illustrations, photography and other knowledge. With the growth of society and the maturity of the consumer market, packaging design and market planning, business promotion and scientific marketing model has the same status. The traditional packaging design has been far from being able to adapt to the rapid development of today's various types of media business market demand. How to make their own design to meet the needs of the market, effectively promote the product sales, packaging design and market-oriented unity, has become an important practical significance of the subject. Packaging of the container shape, structural design, materials and technology, visual communication design and other aspects of the information conveyed, can be very effective in promoting products, increase product appeal and affinity, and then stimulate the target consumer desire to buy in the market economy Play a role in opening up the market, occupying the market, promoting and expanding product sales.

1. Build product brand with packaging design

consumers to buy products sometimes not simply to meet the material needs, but also the brand brought about by the individual satisfaction and spiritual pleasure. Therefore, the packaging as a product brand of external performance, the design should be the brand of visual symbols to maximize the integration into the packaging, the formation of a unique brand personality. The design of the packaging, the need for comprehensive use of color, shape, materials and other elements, while showing the product brand image contained in the enterprise's connotation and information, highlighting the interests of products and consumers in common, in order to make products to consumers More intuitive impact, so that consumers have a strong impression on the product brand, to continue to attract the purpose of consumers.

2. Packaging design to promote product sales

Packaging is the combination of technology and art, due to the external interface of the packaging to direct, artistic image appeal to people's vision, so it can be in product marketing activities, People's consumption choices, improve the taste of fashion consumption, and consumers in the psychological communication. Packaging should be a driving force to promote consumer desire to buy. French expert Young Baudrillard once said that the items that want to be converted into consumer goods must be a mark. In modern society, modern product packaging design needs to bear more important than ever before, to become a bridge between product and consumer communication. Designers should always pay attention to observe the ever-changing market environment, consumer demand as the center, showing the characteristics of product art, the only way to continue to expand the product market areas, design more suitable for the era of outstanding packaging. Winning the consumer's psychological identity is the ultimate goal of modern marketing, people's consumer psychology of multidimensional and differences determine the product packaging design must be diversified in order to attract a specific consumer groups to produce the desired purchase behavior. Sales packaging is a microcosm of the marketing strategy, packaging design of the psychological strategy is a very logical marketing ideas, it not only to visually attract a specific consumer groups to produce the desired purchase behavior, but also from the psychological capture of consumer excitement and Want to buy. Product packaging design must adapt to the needs of modern marketing under the competitive needs, accurate market positioning, and product features passed to the consumer through the design language. In short, the best-selling product is the ultimate goal of packaging design.

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