How To Use The Color Details To Form The Charm Of The Gift Box Packaging Design?

Date:Jul 31, 2018

When we are shopping, the colorful products will always attract our attention in the first time, because it stands out among many products. It seems that the use of color is very important for the design of the outer packaging of the product. Well, the product will quickly stand out, let's tell you how to use the color correctly in the product packaging design.

The color techniques of product packaging design pay attention to the following points: First, the relationship between color and packaging, and the contrast between color and color itself, which is the key to color application.

Color and packaging

What is the relationship between the manufacturer and the color and packaging? It is mainly through the external packaging color that can reveal or reflect the inner packaging items, so that people can basically perceive or think about the inner packaging.

From the industry's progress, the normal color of food packaging is the main color of the goose yellow, pink to express this to give people a sense of warmth and closeness, of course, where tea, green, drink, green and blue, Alcohol, pastry, a lot of big red, children's food with a lot of rose, daily use of cosmetics, the main color is mostly rose, pink, light green, light blue, dark brown is more To highlight the warmth and elegance, the clothing, shoes and hats are mostly dark green, dark blue, brown or gray, to highlight the beauty of calm and elegant.

Color and color contrast

Besides the carton, the contrast between color and color, this is the most easy to express but very difficult to grasp in many product packaging design, in the design from the master.In Chinese calligraphy and painting, such a saying is often popular. It is called impenetrable and can be used as a horse. In fact, it is a kind of contrast relationship. It is expressed in the packaging design. This contrast is very obvious and very common. Contrast, generally have the following aspects: the contrast of color use, the light and heavy contrast of color use, the point-to-face ratio of color use, the contrast of color use, the contrast of color used in color carton making, the use of color Contrast contrast and so on.

The details of the box design form its charm.Attractive, in the details, a beautiful and beautiful box must be attractive, but if its design details are special, then it can make it attractive and attract customers' attention. The most important thing is the box. Design details, each beautiful box will have a unique design that appeals to you, and these designs are often in some details.

Everyone knows that the purpose of the packaging box is to increase the aesthetics of their products, and to design them for the convenience of consumers. The beautiful carton packaging box mainly attracts two things: one is “exquisite printing”, one It is a "unique design."

The box is used between opening and closing. Opening and closing is the best way to know whether a box is exquisite or not. The box has these two points, so I like it very much and make people feel clean. , fashion, atmosphere, will produce a desire to buy, at least you see in such a box you will go to understand it, this is the charm of the box.

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