Humanized Packaging Design-Future Business Of The New World

Date:Oct 18, 2017

With the improvement of living standards, people on the packaging design has not only limited in its functionality, in the packaging of color, structure, materials, etc. have become increasingly picky.

"People always think that the design has three dimensions: aesthetics, technology and economics, but, more importantly, the fourth dimension: human nature." Therefore, the packaging design of modern goods should be packaging structure, packaging materials, Ease of use, environmental protection, especially for consumers. This is the modern commodity packaging design in a compelling highlight of humanized packaging design.


What is humanized packaging design?

Simply put, is the people-oriented packaging design, one of the purposes is through the shape, text, name and voice to design a meaningful and kind of things.

From the modern design point of view, in the packaging design more emphasis on human design factors. Mr. Li Yanzu said: "What is a good design? In the technical level, the market needs, aesthetic taste and other conditions of the changing today, it is difficult to have the standard of eternal judgment, but one thing is the same, that is, Full attention, the value of people in the first place. "Mr. Lee's point of view reflects the design community of human concern and attention.

This also shows that the design is human design, that is to meet the needs of people's physical and psychological needs, material and spiritual needs. In this sense, the design of human and humane design of the emergence of the essence of the design is entirely dictates. Therefore, the design of humanization has also become a judge the design of the pros and cons of the same standard.


The humanization of packaging color

Cute paper chocolate box.png

From the packaging color, packaging structure and packaging materials of human nature can fully reflect the humanized packaging design. Successful packaging design is good at making positive use of targeted appeal. Through the performance of the color of the information needed to strengthen the communication, and consumer emotional needs to communicate and coordinate, so that consumers interested in commodity packaging, prompting them to buy behavior.

Color demands and emotional needs to get a balance, often because of the packaging of consumers and is pleased to understand one of the reasons. Packaging color of human nature is also reflected in many aspects, highlighting the specific value of the use of goods for the purpose of the use of color, such as the red packaging of the drug that nourishing the body, blue said anti-inflammatory fever, green said analgesic calm; Characteristics of the color image function, such as spicy food with red and black as the image of color, cool drinks with blue and green for the image of color; there are different products in different grades, different types of commodity classification function, and stimulate consumer psychology marketing , Aesthetic function and so on.

Packaging for the product design, product from the enterprise, packaging design also reflects the corporate culture image. For example: Coca-Cola's packaging design not only gives the product brand connotation, Coca-Cola is a reflection of corporate culture. The kind of vibrant, passionate business spirit of a penetration of the world.

However, the use of packaging humanized color will not remain in the traditional understanding of knowledge, such as the food industry, the traditional concept that should be more easy to produce appetite in the warm colors to design, but "interesting" food in color The use of the traditional industrial packaging in the use of blue; "Yi mouth lotus" food also used is usually regarded as the color of purple, purple is usually the color of women, noble, romantic, in line with the public taste, but also friends Gift the best choice.

Therefore, in Valentine's Day to buy "Yi Kou Lian" most of the couple, which is it in color to seize the consumer psychology, so as to achieve a good sales performance. This is the packaging design in the color vision to win the reason, but also the law of winning.


The humanization of packaging structure

multi drawer gift box.png

The functionality of the packaging design is always the first. No matter what kind of design design, should give it the principle of simplicity. Designers should never blindly pursue new materials and novelty, thus forgetting the basic requirements of packaging - safety and reliability and convenience. As we can see in the market a common form of packaging - window-type cartons, cosmetics, food and other use more. Window-type carton has a partial window, transparent and multi-faceted transparent cover three forms. It is generally used in combination with a transparent plastic sheet. Window parts show the goods, to facilitate the purchase of consumers, not only to add the form of packaging beauty, such a package to the consumer in the psychological psychological also have a sense of fashion.

Similar to this package is to open a gap in a part of the carton, or add an attachment, you can make powder, granular, massive or liquid goods to use out. The carton structure can be diversified, to facilitate the use of consumers, according to the different uses of goods for the corresponding special treatment. These are all that the packaging of modern goods is not only functional, but also should consider its structure is reasonable.


The humanization of packaging materials

solid gift box for perfume.pngmagnetic cardboard chocolate box with ribbon closure.png

brown corrugated board packaging box.pngimage.png

According to the packaging materials: different goods, taking into account its transport process and display the effect of using materials are not the same. Such as paper packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, wood packaging, ceramic packaging, plastic packaging, cotton and linen packaging, cloth packaging. In the packaging design according to different goods and commodities consumer groups, the nature of goods to choose different materials, different structures to design.

At present, especially carton packaging is the most widely used in a variety of packaging materials. It is lightweight and flexible, easy to make, display, transport, inventory and processing, and low prices, suitable for the protection of various commodities and is widely used.

In short, we are now the product packaging not only in the color/structure on the trend of human nature, in the packaging materials should be more people-oriented. Design humanization will be the inevitable trend of future design and the end result. However, the design of humanization is based on the design of rational and functional premise, leaving the scientific structure of rational and reasonable functionality, humanity will go to the extreme, and ultimately will be contrary to human nature. Should meet this, human needs are the ultimate goal of packaging design.

The realization of human design concept is the high-end requirements of modern design. As with all designs, packaging design also need to inject "human nature" and "humanistic care". Today, the relationship between people and commodities is not only based on the supply and demand, but also the relationship between identity, communication, and so on.

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