If You Want To Sell Products Well, The Packaging Trend Must Be Optimistic! Use These Three Trends Well

Date:May 19, 2018

Although there is no clear data on the market for guiding product packaging design, it is not difficult to find some trends through observation. Many companies have taken a forward-looking approach by using cutting-edge cutting-edge creative packaging designs in their products to capture the attention of users and make products stand out in a wide range of containers, prompting consumers to purchase.

Today Minglai Packaging introduces the current trend of creative packaging design for everyone:

customized paper gift box.jpg

Can continue to pack

When a product can be recycled or made from recycled materials, there is still a long way to go for sustainable or "green" packaging.

The current "green" packaging has the following development trends:

Biodegradable and renewable materials: Many cities are carrying out composting programs to encourage residents to compost in their own backyard. Compostable plastics, usually made from renewable resources such as corn, are becoming more and more popular.

Non-toxic materials: Consumers want to know that your packaging does not use harmful chemicals or dyes.

Energy Savings and Emissions Reduction: This may mean that less energy is needed, or choose to use renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

Less packaging materials: Eliminate waste, save transportation costs, and reduce the amount of use in the production process.

Water efficiency: The reduction in the amount of wastewater in production, such as through repeated use, is an important part of today's green packaging.

The popularity of sustainable packaging means the use of sustainable technologies that can attract environmentally conscious consumers.

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Custom package

The key to getting the best custom packaging is the communication between the strong suppliers, designers and customers. In today's world, suppliers and designers collaborate to enable designers to communicate clearly what customers need, and suppliers are concerned with the latest packaging technologies, and the smooth flow of information benefits customers. Well-designed, sustainable custom packaging can have the greatest impact on your company's image and your customers' interest in the product. Develop packaging designs that stand out from competitors and emphasize the uniqueness of the brand.

custom cardboard wine box.jpg


Design simplicity

Many companies are now simplification of the design. Streamlined packaging design allows customers to see all the information, and the information they need to know is clear at a glance. Extra text and pictures are past things.

The features of the packaging design shown below are the key to the simple design:

Color: Adhere to one or two colors, covering most of the packaging design.

Font: Use clean, clear fonts.

Text: Use text sparingly and leave enough blank space to attract consumers' attention.

Image: Stick to a clean, distinctive logo, drawing or photo or choose to have no image while letting the package speak for itself.

custom drawer style gift box.JPG

Customized  Round Paper Wrapped Tube Flower Gift Boxes Rose Gift Containers with Rope Handle (1).jpg

Cutting-edge packaging design 3 key points.

Sustainable development and innovation, and the packaging of environmentally friendly technologies, let the market know that your company is in sync with the latest environmental issues.

Customize your sustainable packaging design to remind you of your company's uniqueness and capabilities.

Simply use less dye and less material in your packaging design to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

This allowed the company to stand out from many competitors and strengthen the company's image of sustainable development.

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