Innovative Food Carton Packaging To Enhance The Value Of Consumers Buying Food

Date:Oct 16, 2018

When many foods are displayed on the shelves, they are kept in two layers, especially foods and drinks sold in the whole box. Although these food cartons are recyclable, they are thrown away directly for most consumers. Therefore, such a food carton package cannot play a role in attracting consumers.

Recently, Coca-Cola's food carton design has attracted a lot of attention: Coca-Cola has followed the trend to allow consumers to turn food carton boxes into interesting VR devices through simple folding and assembly. Coca-Cola has this novelty, mainly to prove that its packaging is also very interesting, reducing the consumer's idea of no value for the food cartons.

Seeing Coca-Cola's new ideas will always cause some consumers to buy. As a food packaging, it is as important as the medium use.


In fact, this kind of food packaging food cartons are very common in daily life, although not as interesting as Coca-Cola, it is also very exciting. Various styles of food carton packaging are produced by various types of food carton packaging machinery. China's current production of food carton packaging technology and equipment are basically mature, but in order not to be eliminated by the market, it is necessary to maintain innovation at all times.

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