Introduction Of Jewelry Box

Date:Dec 26, 2018

Jewelry boxes are used to place jewelry and can be used as collection jewelry, jewelry packaging and jewelry gift boxes. The color of the jewelry box is usually matched according to the color of the jewelry.

Gold jewelry, usually with red or gold jewelry boxes, or other warm colors. Platinum jewellery with a cool jewellery box.

Common type:PU jewelry box, Leather jewelry box,velvet jewelry box, special paper jewelry box etc...

Luxury Velvet Jewelry Packaging Box

The PU jewellery box is generally combined with fashionable design elements, and it has a rich modern flavor in the taste of the times.

There are generally crocodile leather jewelry boxes, plain leather jewelry boxes, pearl leather jewelry boxes. Such as the large S crocodile leather jewelry box, Pandora plain leather jewelry box and binaural pearl leather jewelry box are more representative.

Leather is generally used in cowhide, and now there are some more personalized materials, such as horse skin. Compared with PU, leather jewelry boxes are more expensive, and the relative quality is superior. On the top grade, if you want to collect some precious gold ornaments or other precious jewelry, most people will choose leather jewelry boxes, especially some. Important gifts, choose the brand's leather jewelry box is more popular.

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