Introduction To The Packaging Process

Date:Apr 09, 2019

What is four-color printing?

The four-color printing process generally refers to a printing process in which various colors of a color original are reproduced by using yellow, magenta, cyan primary color inks and black ink.

What is spot color printing?

Spot color printing refers to a printing process that uses a color ink other than the four colors of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black inks to copy the original color. In the packaging and printing, a large-color background is often printed by a spot color printing process.

What product must use a four-color printing process?

Photographs taken in color photography that reflect the colorful variations of nature, painters' color works, or other images containing many different colors must be passed for technical reasons or for economic considerations. The electronic color separation machine or the color desktop system scans the color separation and then copies it using a four-color printing process.

What kind of products will use spot color printing?

The cover of a box or a book is often composed of uniform color blocks of different colors or regular gradation blocks and characters. These color blocks and characters can be separated by four primary colors and can be mixed with spot colors. Then, only one spot color ink is printed at the same color block.

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What is the difference in the color of the spot color printing block and the four color overprinting color blocks?

The inks prepared by the spot color printing are obtained according to the mixing principle of the color reduction method, and the color brightness is low and the saturation is high; the spot color uniform color is usually printed in the field, and the amount of ink is appropriately increased. When the thickness of the ink layer of the printing plate is large, the sensitivity of the change of the thickness of the ink layer to the color change is lowered, so that it is easier to obtain a uniform and thick printing effect of the ink color.

From the perspective of improving product quality, what kind of products are suitable for spot color printing?

When printing a large area of light-colored uniform color blocks, it is usually added in the original ink; the medium-light agent is used to mix the spot color ink, and then the solid printing is performed, so that the ink layer is thicker, and it is easier to obtain a uniform color and a thick effect. If a four-color printing process is used, a low number of flat screen dots must be used.

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