Jewelry Box

Date:Sep 17, 2018

Jewelry boxes are used to place jewelry and can be used as collection jewelry, jewelry packaging and jewelry gift boxes. The color of the jewelry box is usually matched according to the color of the jewelry. Gold jewelry, usually with red or gold jewelry boxes, or other warm colors. Platinum jewellery with a cool jewellery box.

Every woman who loves beauty will have a group of baby jewellery that she can't put down. Wearing the right jewellery is just an inaccessible part of the female body. The development of the jewellery box is also constantly innovating, such as packaging with a mix and match pattern, and making the pattern of the box. New innovations have emerged. Whether it is external or internal, it will greatly enhance women's bright and beautiful index and confidence. And a beautiful jewelry box can not only find a beautiful home for the beauty-loving babies, but also reflect the extraordinary aesthetic and taste of a woman. It is also an excellent choice for urban women to carry jewelry and embellish the taste of life.


Usually matched according to the color of the accessories.

Gold jewellery, usually with a red or gold jewellery box, or other warm colors. Platinum jewellery with a cool jewellery box.

Ring strip

Specially designed to secure and protect your baby ring, usually consisting of a set of strips of flannel sponge pads. In addition to placing the ring, it is also a good choice for cufflinks or earrings. White flannel can protect your baby and protect your baby.

Stud anchor hole/stud fixing pad

Specially designed to secure your earrings, usually with earrings on the partitions to secure the earrings, or earrings with lids, or with studs in the compartments The removable pad of the hole.

Butterfly card cover pad

Usually a piece of flannel with a butterfly card is built in between the compartments to cover your baby jewelry. The butterfly card can be used only as a gripper, or it can be used to wrap your slim necklace to prevent random sliding; or Play a layered role to separate your trinkets up and down.

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