Jewelry Box Production Process

Date:May 23, 2018

Open mold: mold according to jewelry box size

Die: Install a blade on a piece of wood. Cutting tool materials: straight plate, cover bag material, bottom bag material, top paper, inner top paper, comparative paper, inner top cloth, paper sleeve, inner jade cloth, bottom pad paper and so on.

Straight board: gray board, double board, white board, etc., divided into grams according to grams: 900 grams, 1300 grams, 1500 grams, etc.

Cover the material: cover the box with punched material. Cover materials: special paper, leatherette, leather, flannel, etc.

Face-top paper: It is made from a knife mold and is made of 250 grams of straight material.

Inside the top paper: beer out with a knife die, and "face top paper" is similar, the thickness of the bar is not the same, generally 900 grams.

Inside the top cloth: The beer is made out of the knife mold, which is a silk cloth. It is used to wrap the "top paper" into the sand top inside the box cover, and then it can be hot LOGO.

More articles: Materials made by using a knife mold, more practices: 80 grams of silk on the silk posts

Neiyu: It refers to the inner lining of the jewelry box. The inner core is divided into: inner jade paper, inner jade cloth, etc.

Paper cover: The material used for the beer out of the knife mold generally uses 250 grams of straight board to cover the jewelry box and protect the jewelry box.

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