Jewelry Packaging Design Innovation Direction——First post

Date:Feb 05, 2018

Jewelry packaging design innovation direction——First post

Innovation is a necessary condition for this social progress, and both people and things must change as the environment changes. Take the packaging industry, the designer every day for different needs of customers design different jewelry box, the new design requires innovation, so jewelry box design will also form a certain trend, following the packaging with We work together to explore next.

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On the current market better quality jewelry box, mostly uniform tone, exquisite workmanship, size specifications have certain requirements, design style in line with the brand's cultural characteristics. For example, Tiffany jewelry boxes are large blue with white ribbon at the end, this color to the brand brings a fresh and pure feeling. And Cartier's classic red jewelry box brings more distinguished texture. These existing big brand packaging success stories accumulated the essence of history so far, we must learn from where, but in the design and development of such a fast now seems to be less creative. Today, jewelry box design should be closely linked to the theme of "environmental protection and innovation", which is the future trend of jewelry box design. Jewelry packaging design will pay more attention to the rational use of resources, materials, recycling and other aspects of degradation, the goal is to create sustainable.

The next post minglai packing introduced jewelry packaging design of some innovative ideas for you.

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