Jewelry Packaging Design Innovation Direction——The Second

Date:Feb 05, 2018

Last mentioned that the current jewelry box design tends to environmental protection and innovation, ming Lai packing made the following new ideas as follows:

1、terial use and bonding methods. First of all, once the recovery and degradation are taken into consideration, the natural materials must be the best such as bamboo and paper. Using these ancient materials, adding contemporary features to the design can also help traditional culture. Of course, the new environmentally friendly materials are also suitable for jewelry boxes, the use of such material may be more prominent is the sense of the times and technology. In the joint approach, the most effort is to use harmless glue, more ingenious may be the ancient methods that are going to be lost. These purely physical connections always amaze the ancestors' wisdom and are more sophisticated than mere glue, further helping to show the quality of the jewelery brand itself.

2、Cultural Connotation and Emotional Experience. The cultural theme of jewelry can also be reflected in the packaging, in order to achieve the purpose of a unified style, can enhance the brand's visual impression, more thoroughly convey its cultural connotation. Natural jade beads with aura of nature, so people buy, gift, wear jewelry, usually to take this to convey the good moral jewelry. Innovative jewelry packaging design box meter can help promote the expression of this beautiful friendship, to retain the bit by bit life happiness. There is always a suggestion in the drama that the ring is concealed in a section of cake or ice cream. Why not design a cake ring box to describe the marriage hidden in the sweetness? Fashion magazine advertising blockbusters love to put natural gems back into the natural environment to shoot, why not the jewelry box is designed to have a more natural flavor of some, so that people have more opportunities to experience the beauty of nature.

3、Functional expansion of the sustainable. Traditional jewelry boxes are independent small box-shaped, usually a molding, can no longer change the pattern, increasing the difficulty of re-use. In order to increase its practicality and reusability, may try to modular modular jewelry box, as the LEGO toy building blocks, the basic module from the combination. Such small boxes can exist independently, but also can be assembled by the consumer DIY into a larger jewelry box, so both easy to carry separately, but also facilitate the centralized storage, but also increased the fun of hands-on experience. In detail, you can also design something to solve some common problems, such as thin chain easy to knot, hanging structure can be done or spiral split to prevent the chain entangled.

After reading the innovative point of jewelry box design is not instantly feel that their jewelry box OUT it, you can find Ming Lai packaging custom creative jewelry box

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