Kraft Packaging Is Very Popular

Date:Nov 30, 2018

Kraft packaging is widely used in all walks of life. The most common and used kraft packaging is usually in clothing stores or shoe stores. When we go to the store to buy shoes or clothes, the store usually gives us a kraft paper bag. These kraft paper bags are usually printed beautifully. Packaging is something that consumers can see at first sight on the shelf, and is therefore an important factor in attracting consumers to buy. Independent kraft paper packaging came into being, symbolizing individuality and high-end. Now it has become the trend of medium and high-end packaging, and is sought after by consumers.

In recent years, there has been a retro trend. Whether in the fashion world, the song industry or the film industry, people are reminiscing about classics and recreating classics. The food industry also caters to the trend of retro, so kraft paper as a package is deeply loved by consumers.

When it comes to kraft packaging, the first thing that comes to mind is the kraft paper in the costume TV. Ancient people used kraft paper to package food directly. The most impressive ones are KFC and McDonald's takeaway bags. Natural brown kraft paper looks like a warm nostalgic.


Kraft packaging is a personalized expression, synonymous with fashion, personality and high-end, and it is also a clear stream in various plastic packaging.

Product packaging should be combined with current popular culture to convey the brand image in a more acceptable way. Because kraft paper has a special natural color, kraft paper can achieve unique visual effects through simple processing and printing compared to the effects required by other complicated printing processes. It can be said that product personalized packaging has become an important sales highlight.

Why is kraft packaging popular in the food industry? This has a lot to do with the excellent performance and environmental protection of paper packaging. Paper packaging is more environmentally friendly and sanitary than plastic packaging. Today, the concepts of food safety, sanitation and environmental protection are more common. Kraft packaging is welcome, which is reasonable.

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