Laser Hollow Gift Box

Date:Nov 27, 2018

In recent years, due to the improvement of living standards, people's concerns and needs for food safety have become higher and higher, and the corresponding food packaging has entered an era of environmental protection, health and safety. The food packaging market is growing faster and faster, and the design of food packaging boxes is constantly being introduced.


In order to better comply with the trend of food packaging market, the design of food packaging box should not only pay attention to traditional appearance, color, pattern and text. It also pays attention to the concept of combining food packaging culture taste with market, and integrates environmental protection elements. Infiltrating into the design of the food packaging box, reflecting the style and characteristics of the food packaging. The more fully individualized elements are embodied in food packaging, the more market-recognition they have.

There is a kind of three-dimensional paper-cutting art in paper-cutting. In fact, it is not completely hollowed out while hollowing out, so that the place where the painting is drawn is obtained by the three-dimensional effect of the things displayed.

The same effect of using this method on a paper box is to make the package a lifelike craft. The most used paper-cutting art is probably a wedding package. Wedding invitations, candy boxes, wine boxes, and gift boxes can all use paper-cut elements.

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