Loose-leaf Notebook Custom Corporate Advertising

Date:Feb 19, 2019

Loose-leaf notebook custom corporate advertising LOGO. Loose-leaf notebook skin high-grade imitation leather inside page pavilion road forest paper 16K280*215, 25K235*184, 48K184*130 business high-end button notebook "good memory is not as bad as the pen" notebook is a daily necessities in daily life, and corporate printing notebooks can not only promote the company, the unified identification mark, but also enhance the recognition of the employees of the company.Loose-leaf notebook custom enterprise LOGO, support small batch customization.

Among the notebook printing products, there is one of the most popular products used in the notebook printing product sales market, which is a loose-leaf notebook printing product.

Compared with other notebook printing products, loose-leaf notebook printing products are more convenient in terms of comfort and writing. Many users and consumers are also accustomed to calling loose-leaf notebook printing products as "coil notebooks".

The loose-leaf notebook has a variety of styles, such as buckles, buckles, and buckles. The rich style adds a lot of color to the loose-leaf notebook.

Most of the production of loose-leaf notebook printing products will have better production materials. The materials from the cover to the inner pages are mostly of good quality. The papers of loose-leaf notebook printing products are mainly made of writing paper. Use high-quality beige Dalin paper and white double-adhesive paper.The paper is smooth in writing, protects the eyesight, the paper is thick and sturdy, thick and durable, and easy to tear, suitable for study and office.

Loose-leaf A5 diary notebook for promotional gift business notebook

Loose-leaf notebook custom enterprise LOGO can be used for notes, or as a workbook, exercise book, homework book, suitable for many gifts, printed with a company logo, pictures, to convey the company's brand image.

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